Balloon Drops

Balloon drops aren’t just for ringing in the New Year every December 31st—although they make a real statement as the most brilliant balloons float gently from the ceiling! Balloon drops can be created in every size that’s just perfect for your needs and available decorating space. They’re surprisingly affordable, too! Special mesh nets hold back the stunning latex balloons until YOU are ready to let ‘em loose.

A balloon drop isn’t just for New Year’s Eve! Any occasion will benefit from the magic of balloons dropping from the ceiling! Standard sizes for balloon drops range from 15-feet long to 50-feet long, although you may order a drop of any size. Please contact Party Fiesta Balloon Décor at (408) 292-6000 for arch styles, balloon colors and price quotes.

Party Fiesta adds just the right touch to any party with a fantastic balloon drop filled with a rainbow of balloons floating brightly from a ceiling balloon drop! Surprisingly affordable, balloon drops make a BIG statement to your party guests!

  • 15-feet long x 7-feet wide (200 11” latex balloons)–$285
  • 25-feet long x 7-feet wide (350 11” latex balloons)–$395
  • 50-feet long x 7-feet wide (700 11” latex balloons)–$795

Rigging for balloon drops starts at $50.

Balloon Drops